Where to find my stories, April 2014

This month you can find my byline spread across five stories in three publications.

The most high-profile story runs in Delta Sky Magazine. The magazine’s new issue features a special section on the Roanoke and New River Valley region. Delta Sky Mag’s circulation is about 600,000 and the magazines are carried on all U.S. and international flights. I wrote a business profile that is paired with a travel feature by Jenny Kincaid Boone. You can read both stories online here.

Roanoke Business magazine runs three of my stories this month. I covered the Salem Red Sox, the reigning Carolina League champions, and how they use promotions, sponsorships and timing to create revenue. Bottom line: It takes more than a trophy to sell tickets to minor-league baseball games. That story included a sidebar on the Pulaski Mariners, which face similar challenges but in an even more rural atmosphere. Finally, I wrote a story profiling Franklin County, which matches its geographically diverse nature with an equally diverse economy. It looks at growing local companies like Homestead Creamery and international manufacturers like McAirlaids.

Finally, the spring issue of Virginia Tech Magazine, to be published later this month, will include an illustrated story on particle physics experiments conducted at Kimballton Underground Research Facility, a laboratory located in a working limestone mine 1,750 feet beneath a Giles County mountain.