Rural America’s role in the 2020 elections (Daily Yonder)

The 2016 presidential election broke in just such a way that rural voters in key states delivered Donald Trump a narrow victory over Hillary Clinton. For the Daily Yonder, I spoke with election experts across the country for a three-story series on how the rural vote factors into 2020’s race for president and control of Congress.

The first story lays out the national landscape in 2020, with focus points on Pennsylvania, Maine and Montana. This story lays out a few different models for how candidates run in rural America.

The second story looks at the Midwest, specifically Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa and Minnesota.

The third story details the divergence of the growth South and the stagnant South — a dichotomy identified by Charles Bullock at the University of Georgia. Examples include Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia, with a glance at Texas and South Carolina.

Read the series, which ran in October at the Daily Yonder.