How a Democrat is poised to win re-election in one of Donald Trump’s best states (The New Republic)

West Virginia gave Donald Trump gave Trump his second-biggest percentage of the vote (67.9 percent) and his second-biggest margin of victory (41.7 percentage points) in the country in 2016, with only Wyoming voting bigger for the president.

Yet as the summer of 2018 wound down, incumbent U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin maintained a tangible lead over Republican challenger Patrick Morrisey——even with Trump campaigning for Morrisey in Charleston.

I wrote for the New Republic about how Manchin’s near-universal name recognition, his campaign’s tight focus on West Virginia, and his draw of a challenger—-as well as how his strengths matched up against Morrisey’s weaknesses–put him in position to win re-election even in one of Trump’s best states.

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