Hacking Hokies (Virginia Tech Magazine)

I’m fascinated by how people with the right skills can build something both innovative and functional in a single weekend.

Virginia Tech is expanding that hackathon concept to address global challenges in data science and cybersecurity.

Read my story in the fall issue of Virginia Tech Magazine about how the university is putting hackers and coders to work in service of improving the world.

Extreme car camping with Mountain State Overland (Blue Ridge Outdoors)

Much like its subject, Mountain State Overland, this story took a twisy, wandering path to publication, occasionally getting stuck in mud holes or having to find an alternate route.

The adventuring filmmakers of MSO are mapping their own version of Appalachia and the East Coast using GPS technology, up-fitted four-wheel-drive vehicles and digital video.

The group is part of the latest revival of overlanding—a trend that really never went away. Consider overlanding a high-tech, revved-up version of car camping, albeit one that allows access to areas that few get to see.

Read the story at Blue Ridge Outdoors.

Big data, a new science festival & the world’s most instrumented building (Virginia Tech Magazine)

The Spring 2015 issue of Virginia Tech is online and has been mailed to more than 200,000 alumni, friends and supporters.

My contributions include a collaboration with Madeleine Gordon that provides an overview of Virginia Tech’s big data initiatives, including how researchers are predicting world events using open-source information; a look at the 241 accelerometers within Goodwin Hall, Tech’s new engineering building, and how they might be used in the future; and a review of Virginia Tech’s involvement in the inaugural Virginia Science Festival.

You can read the entire issue at the Virginia Tech Magazine website.